Skill is the essence of the Scholar Warrior. Such a person strives to develop a wide variety of talents to a degree greater than even a specialist in a particular field. Poet and boxer, Doctor and swordsman. Musician and knight. The Scholar Warrior uses each part of his or her overall ability to keep the whole in balance...
— An Introduction to the Tao in Everyday Life by Deng Ming Dao

Our Mission

Achieve the Scholar's Skill, Cultivate the Warrior's Will

Our goal has been to create an environment that builds the best attributes of the martial arts lifestyle, namely excellence of character as well as technique.  A place where families and competitors can feel at home and learn in a state of the art facility with expert instruction.  At Scholar Warrior Martial Arts we pride ourselves on providing the best training in Self Defense, Sport & Fitness for both adults and children. We encourage our students to explore all aspects of the Martial Arts, including MMA, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing/Traditional Martial Arts and Self Defense along with practical weaponry.  We adapt our system to each students needs so that you or your child get the most benefit from training. Self discipline, courtesy and respect are expected and encouraged in all of our students.  We have a family/team atmosphere and we encourage our students to help each other improve and grow.  

Our school motto is Kaizen Kung Fu:  What does it mean? Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning Continuous Improvement Everyday.  Kung Fu is a Chinese term which means Skill Attained Through Hard Work Over Time. This is a level of achievement and applies to any discipline or trade, not just to martial arts. Together it means "Continuous Improvement of Skills Earned Through Hard Work".   We work hard in our classes and encourage our students to do the same.  Becoming a Black Belt is something that must be earned.  The will to persevere and a focus on continuous self improvement are needed to achieve the coveted rank of Black Belt.