We offer classes for every age, from 3 years old and up. Our classes provide age appropriate training in Basic to Advanced Striking, Grappling and Self Defense. Try a class free and see how well it fits.



Cardio Kick-Jitsu Bootcamp

Ages 9 and up

Fitness class and primer for our Martial Arts programs rolled into one! In this class, we work on Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu inspired drills, along with strength training and flexibility work to bring you a great workout and improve your reflexes for the martial arts.  Even if you have no interest in the martial arts and just want to get into better shape, this is a great class to try! Also a great opportunity for families that want to do some of their training together!

$225 for 12 week session

$85 Monthly


Mini Martial Artists

Ages 3 to 6

With this group we focus our attention on developing listening skills, respect, coordination, body awareness and fitness as well as building the core skills utilized in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling and traditional martial arts.  We use a variety of drills and games that are designed to build each child's core skills in a fun and engaging way. 

$300 for 12 week session

$100 Monthly

Kids White Belt Explorer's Program

Ages 6 to 9

This is a great class for kids to explore the vast world of the Martial Arts. They will be exposed to everything from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Boxing, Traditional Karate/Kung Fu, Wrestling and Judo.  Along with learning proven methods of self defense and bully prevention,  this class will help your child learn life skills such as focus, discipline, respect and teamwork along with perseverance through physical fitness exercises & martial arts training that they can use for the rest of their lives. 

$330 for 12 week session

$110 Monthly

Kids Jiu Jitsu Program

Ages 9 to 13

This program will give kids a solid understanding of the grappling arts.  Classes will delve into the finer details of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, with a healthy dose of Wrestling and Judo style takedowns thrown in.

$330 for 12 week session

$110 Monthly

Preteen Combo Program

$375 for 12 week session

$125 Monthly

Kids Boxing & Traditional Martial arts Program

Ages 9 to 13

This program will give students a firm understanding of the striking arts, including Boxing, Karate, Kung Fu and Kickboxing.  Using pad drills, bags, forms, Traditional Weapons, Animal Styles and Sparring, this class is dedicated to the study of precision and is perfect for kids who also want to participate in our Demo Team. 

$330 for 12 week session

$110 Monthly



KickBoxing/Modern MMA striking

Welcome to the new school of MMA striking.  Our program covers all aspects of striking, beginning with basic self defense then Boxing, followed by Kickboxing.  These are the middle ranges of combat.  They offer great opportunities for both combatants.  From there we explore the wonderful world of outfighting, where we begin outside of striking range and find ways to quickly close distance including how to get opponents to do the work for us by drawing them in through the use of footwork and feints.  Our intermediate and advanced students go on to study the complex arts of infighting with a focus on the clinch striking of Muay Thai as well as the takedowns of wrestling.  Both the use of and defense against takedowns while out in the open is also covered.  We round out our program with the open hand strikes and advanced kicking of traditional martial arts systems.  From the traditional arts we also use the balance, stance work, weapons and flexibility training as active recovery and cool downs. 

 These classes build physical attributes such as power, flexibility, balance and agility while also building the long proven life skills of discipline, respect, determination and goal setting.  

Kickboxing Package

Includes access to all of our Kickboxing Classes.  See schedule for class times. instructor approval and quality sparring gear required to participate in live sparring.

$100 per monthly

3 Month Minimum

MMA Unlimited Package

Includes unlimited access to all Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Wrestling classes. Gear required.

$300 for 12 week Intro!! Our Best Value

$130 per month

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/ Submission Wrestling

Jiu-Jitsu is translated as “the Gentle Art”.  One of it’s defining features is the belief that a smaller, weaker person can overcome a larger attacker through the use of proper technique and leverage.  Submission Wrestling is all about building the body through vigorous training in an attempt to outwork and overwhelm an opponent.  These two philosophies form the yin and the yang of our program.  They intertwine and feed into one another to create a well balanced system of grappling.  We offer classes in both “gi” (uniform) Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Wrestling (no-gi).  Both will build strength, flexibility and endurance as well as psychological benefits such as discipline, focus, perseverance and patience.  Most of our members train for fitness and fun, some for self defense, while others may train for competition.  Regardless, we are all here to improve ourselves and build the bonds of friendship through martial arts training.  

Jiu Jitsu only Package

Includes access to all of our Jiu Jitsu classes.  See schedule for class times.

$100 per monthly

3 Month Minimum

Wrestling Only Package

Includes unlimited access to any of our Wrestling classes. Gear required.

$100 per monthly

3 Month Minimum

Bjj & Wrestling Package

Includes unlimited access to any of our Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling classes. Gear required.

$120 per monthly

3 Month Minimum