Q: How do I get started?

A: Give us a call at 847-973-9443.  Let us know your name and when you want to do your free intro class.

Q: What do I need for my first class?

A: Clean, comfortable clothes and a bottle of water.

Q: What style of Martial Art will I be learning?

A: We teach our own Freestyle Martial Arts system that incorporates techniques from the four ranges of Combat: Kicking, Hand Striking, Clinching and Grappling. We draw those techniques from a variety of sources, including:

Boxing: A Sport that uses punches as weapons, and footwork and body movement as defense.

Muay Thai: Known as the Art of Eight Limbs, Muay Thai Practitioners use punches, kicks, knees and elbows as weapons.  Muay Thai used to refer to a complete Self Defense system, but is know more commonly in modern times for it's sport application.  Muay Thai is one of the most brutally effective fighting forms known today.

Kung Fu: Refers to Chinese Martial Arts known famously for the diversity of it's kicking, animal styles and weapons systems, as well as the use of blocks and a heavy emphasis on foundational stancework.

Jiujitsu/BJJ:  Jiujitsu is known as the Gentle Art.  It utilizes leverage and technique to allow a smaller person to overcome a much larger person.  Known for it's intricate ground grappling and use of submission holds as a means to finish a fight.  Commonly practiced wearing a traditional Gi.

Judo: A sport emphasizing the throwing aspects of classical Japanese Jiujitsu while using the Gi.

Catch Wrestling: The forerunner to all other grappling arts.  A freestyle wrestling "system" that uses throws, takedowns, pins, cranks and joint locks to overwhelm an opponent.  Catch wrestling has it's origins in Ancient Greece from where it spread Eastward to influence the development of Jiujitsu.  It is always done without the Gi.

Kali/Eskrima: A Filipino weapons system heavily known for its use of the stick, knife and short sword.

Q: How do all these different styles of Martial Arts come together as a cohesive system?

A: All Martial Arts are bound by the limits of human physiology.  Styles are dictated by the environment in which they originated.  Our goal is to teach the commonalities between the styles in order to help our students develop their own style.

Q: What is expected of me during my training at Scholar Warrior Martial Arts?

A: We ask that all of our students come dressed in clean clothing and that they observe appropriate hygiene practices since we do work in very close proximity to each other.  We also expect that nails will be trimmed and filed to avoid accidental scratches and injury to fellow students. It  is also expected that students will do their part to keep our gym clean by picking up after themselves and keeping their belongings in the appropriate places.  A respectful and positive attitude is a must!