Required Gear

Depending on what program you choose, you will need to arm yourself for battle! Below you'll find everything you need to participate safely in all of our programs.  By clicking the links below you will be taken to our online catalog where you can purchase gear directly through us.  This helps to guarantee two things: first, that the gear you are investing in is of sufficient quality to stand up to the rigors of the training that we do and maximizes the safety of yourself and your training partners. Second, that the money you spend will help the school you've chosen to train at to keep it's doors open!  As an added bonus, we offer all of our enrolled students a coupon for 10% off any gear purchased through our website.  Enroll today to receive your coupon code!

First and foremost, you'll need something to carry your gear around in, so we recommend visiting the Gear Bags page on our online catalog.

Required Jiu Jitsu gear (kids & adults):

Heavyweight Gi - We offer a variety of Gi styles and options.  For Kids and students on a budget we recommend the basic 420 gram Brazilian Fit Jiu Jitsu uniform.  

Mouthpiece - A necessity for any Jiu Jitsu student during Free Grappling! Again, there are a variety of styles to choose from, including options for students with braces.

Strap/Cup - Required for the boys only.  

Optional Jiu Jitsu Gear:

Compression/Rash Guard Apparel - A great investment for people looking to avoid skin irritation and overheating from wearing the Gi.  Also a nice option for our No Gi Submission Grappling classes and for tournaments.

Fight Simulator (Adults) - This is definitely a big investment, but with it you will be able to practice almost any grappling takedown that we show in class, including single and double legs, hip tosses, ankle picks and more!  It has the added bonus of being able to stand upright with a tripod base so you can also use it to work your striking!  For the Kids version, click here! 

Kickboxing (Adults):

Headgear - Protect your computer!  A must for participating in Sparring activities. 

Boxing Gloves - Protect your training partner's computer!  

Shin Guards - Choose a shin guard with the instep protection built in.  Shin guards without the instep guard will require the additional purchase of foot protection.

Sparring activities will also require the purchase of a mouthpiece and for men, cup with supporter.

Optional Gear for Adult Kickboxing:

Hand Wraps - Offers additional wrist support as well as functioning as sweat absorbers (which will ultimately prevent your gloves from getting overly stinky!)

MMA Gloves or Bag Gloves - A lighter weight option for working on the bags.  MMA gloves are particularly good for training yourself to make a proper fist when you punch things hard.  Boxing gloves alone can make you build the bad habit of a loose fist!

Knee Pads and Elbow Pads - For students who want to work Muay Thai style striking during Kickboxing drills and sparring activities.  Without the pads, elbow and knee strikes are not allowed during live practice!

Kids Traditional Program

Headgear - It's especially important to prevent injury in younger brains, so we recommend the P2 sparring gear which is build a little thicker than regular student gear.

Boxing Gloves - These 6oz gloves are recommended for kids 9 and under.  For older kids we recommend a slightly thicker 12oz glove which you'll find here.

Shin Guard - For the protection of your shins and your training partner's ribs!

Boots - For the protection of your feet and your training partner's face!

Also see above for a mouthpiece and supporter/cup for boys

Practice Weapons: Each 3 month section of our Traditional Program will focus on a different weapon, so check the most recent session info packet to find out which weapon you should get. Below are all the practice weapons that will be utilized:

  • Bo Staff - You'll want to choose a youth sized Bo Staff.  If you choose a wooden staff, the tapered bos will be a little bit lighter weight for younger kids.
  • Nunchaku - We definitely recommend the foam nunchucks for beginners.  It's inevitable that you will feel their sting at some point during your training experience!
  • Bokken - A weapon in it's own right, the Bokken also serves as a practice weapon in place of the Katana.
  • Kali Sticks/Escrima - Basic weapons that pack a big punch!
  • Tonfa - A versatile weapon that can be used in a variety of ways
  • Kamas - Originally a farming tool, the Kama can be used to compliment your Mantis style techniques.

Kids Explorer Program

Heavyweight Gi - Used periodically in our Explorer's program to mimic heavy winter clothing and the techniques that can be performed using an attackers clothing against them.

Headgear - For protection of the head during Self Defense drills

Gloves - For protection, again during Self Defense drills

Mouthguard and Supporter with Cup (for boys)  - Fairly self explanatory.  Always a good idea to have these items for any of our programs!

Mini Martial Artists

Heavyweight Gi - Even the smallest sizes may be a bit big for some of our minis, but that will leave them plenty of room to grow!  Gis will shrink in the dryer if you'd like to get them down to size, or just cuff up the pants and sleeves!

Mouthguard - Again, always a good idea to have protection for your jaw and teeth!

Supporter with Cup - For the boys.