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Welcome to the new school of martial arts training.  Just like in our modern lives where we expect our phones to be computers as well as a gaming system with the addition of a high definition camera too,  We desire a place to get fit and learn to defend ourselves.  We want to be part of a group and still stand out in a crowd.  We want to continue to learn new things and accomplish new goals.  We built systems of martial arts that are all encompassing, a method that is complete and yet still allows for innovation and personal expression.  What a program like ours offers is a way to view life through a martial artists eyes.  We have higher levels of awareness, faster processing speeds and a more stable platform due to focused drilling.  Balance, agility and strength are built into our minds and bodies by way of calisthenics and martial arts techniques.  Problem solving under stress becomes easier in everyday life when you know you can stay calm and sharp of mind when someone is actively attempting to get the best of you while sparring.  Plus you get the added benefit of getting away from technology for a few hours.  Unplugging our digital lives and plugging in our human lives.  You were meant to be active, you were meant to be strong and fit.  You were meant to be able to let off some steam after work or school.  You are supposed to learn and sharpen your mind and body for life.  

We believe martial arts mimics life.  There are times you need to be defensive and times to be on offense.  There are times you need to work hard to overcome an obstacle and times to reflect and apply thought and mental dexterity to achieve success.  It's all about putting yourself in an advantageous position at an opportune time.  Through the practice of martial arts we get the opportunity to practice the skills necessary for happiness and success such as perseverance, focus, teamwork, inner reflection and outward expression.  We learn how to cope with and move past failure and how to respond with tact to wins big and small.  We find common ground with people we may otherwise never cross paths with, we realize that by helping those around us to improve their lives that we also improve our own.  We look forward to helping you begin your journey!

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