Kids Programs

We offer a variety of programs for kids, starting as early as age 3!  Each program is run in 12 week sessions three times per year.  This means that no matter what the season, we have a program option that will fit your busy schedule!  All of our classes and programs are designed to teach our students about setting goals, developing discipline and focus in our daily activities, and working with others in a team-based atmosphere. Scroll down to see what's coming up in the next few months! All prices reflect the total training costs for each session. Financing options are available. Required gear costs are not included. 

Explorer Program

Next Session runs from May 5th through July 23rd

Ages 7 to 13.

This is a great class for kids to explore the vast world of the Martial Arts. They will be exposed to everything from Traditional Karate/Kung Fu, Judo, Wrestling, and Jiujitsu. Along with learning proven methods of self defense and bully prevention,  this class will help your child learn life skills such as focus, discipline, respect and teamwork along with perseverance through physical fitness exercises & martial arts training that they can use for the rest of their lives.  This program offers its own unique ranking structure in our own hybrid system.

Tuesday/Thursday 5:00 to 6:00: ---------------------------------------------------$330 

Kids Traditional Program

Next Session runs from June 1st through August 19th

Ages 6 to 13.

This program will give students a firm understanding of the striking arts, including Karate, Kung Fu and Kickboxing.  Using Forms, Traditional Weapons, Animal Styles and Sparring, this class is dedicated to the study of precision and is perfect for kids who also want to participate in our Demo Team.  Some of the weapons we work with include Nunchaku, Bo Staff, Kali Stick, and a variety of Swords. This program offers its own ranking structure that falls in line with standard ranking structures used by most Traditional Martial Arts schools.

All ranks - Monday/Wednesday 5:00 to 6:00: ------------------------------- $330 

Kids Jiujitsu Program

Next Session runs from March 30th through September 15th

Ages 7 to 13.

This program will give kids a solid understanding of the grappling arts.  Classes will delve into the finer details of Jiujitsu, with a healthy dose of Wrestling and Judo style takedowns thrown in. This program offers its own ranking structure that falls in line with standard ranking structures used by most Jiujitsu schools.  Competition opportunities will give your child a positive experience in team building and self improvement. Unlike our other programs, we run our Jiu Jitsu sessions in 24 week increments for ranking, although new students can join every 12 weeks.

All ranks - Mondays/Wednesdays 6:00 to 7:00: -------------------------------$660 

Leadership Program

Ages 8 to Adult

For Kids who demonstrate an aptitude and dedication to training in the Martial Arts and who would like to work toward becoming future instructors in the Scholar Warrior Martial Arts System. Kids enrolled in our Leadership Program will not only receive training in all of the various styles we teach, but will be trained in how to teach and lead others who are starting off on their journey in the Martial Arts world. These kids will not only be on an accelerated path towards earning their Black Belts in the Scholar Warrior System, but will learn essential skills that they will be able to utilize to excel in their future careers and professions. Prices are for a full 14 month commitment.

Leadership Program (Unlimited classes - must assist in Mini’s classes twice per month) - Open to Yellow Belts in Explorers/Traditional and Orange Grey Belts in Jiu Jitsu ages 8 and above:

Paid in Full (Save $140!) -------------------------------------------------------- $1890

Financed over 14 months -------------------------$145 per month/$2030 total

We offer specialized classes for kids ages 3 to 6!

Mini Martial Artists

Next Session Begins May 4th Register Today!

Ages 3 to 6

Our Mini Martial Artists program is for ages 3 to 6 years old.  With this group we focus our attention on developing listening skills, respect, coordination, body awareness and fitness as well as building the core skills utilized in the striking and grappling aspects of our overall system.  We use a variety of drills and games that are designed to build each child's core skills in a fun and engaging way.  The formal Martial Arts atmosphere ensures that respect for self and others is learned.  Our Mini Martial Artists work their way through a series of belts that are exclusive to their age group, but will ultimately form a solid foundation from which they can build more advanced skills as they transition into our Kids Explorer Program.  

Mondays and Wednesdays 4:15 to 5:00-----------$300

Mini’s Fit Fundamentals

Next Session runs March 13th through May 1st!

This is a great introduction to our Mini Martial Artists program and is designed to familiarize younger students to the basics of mat etiquette as well as the types of exercises and skills practiced in the full program. Kids of this age are encouraged to start here before entering into the main Mini’s program.

Fridays 4:15 to 5:00

8 week session only ---------------------------------$120 

Recreational Program Options

For Kids that might not be able to commit 2 days per week to training, our recreational programs only require attendance to 1 class per week. However, 2 full 16 week sessions are required for rank advancement.

Mini Martial Artists - Choose either Tuesday and Thursday - 4:15 to 5:00--------------------------------$180

Kids Explorer Program - Choose either Tuesday or Thursday - 5:00 to 6:00: -------------------------------$210

Kids Jiujitsu Program - Choose either Monday or Wednesday 6:00 to 7:00: ------------------------------$420

Kids Traditional Program - Choose either Monday or Wednesday 5:00 to 6:00: --------------------------$210

Kids Combination Program Options

For Kids that are enrolled in one of our programs who are also interested in exploring a different avenue of Martial Arts training, they can add one day from a second program to their regular program. Students will earn ranking in both programs. In general, the cost of adding a program will break down to $15 extra for the months during which the programs coincide. Please speak to an instructor about combo options and prices.