December Kickboxing Special

Join our Adult Kickboxing program any time during the month of December and get $25 off

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Our Kickboxing program covers all aspects of striking, beginning with basic self defense then Boxing, followed by Kickboxing.  From there we explore the wonderful world of outfighting, where we begin outside of striking range and find ways to quickly close distance including how to get opponents to do the work for us by drawing them in through the use of footwork and feints.  Our intermediate and advanced students go on to study the complex arts of infighting with a focus on the clinch striking of Muay Thai as well as the takedowns of wrestling.  Both the use of and defense against takedowns while out in the open is also covered.  We round out our program with the open hand strikes and advanced kicking of traditional martial arts systems.  From the traditional arts we also use the balance, stance work, weapons and flexibility training as active recovery and cool downs.

These classes build physical attributes such as power, flexibility, balance and agility while also building the long proven life skills of discipline, respect, determination and goal setting. 

Kickboxing Package

Includes access to all of our Kickboxing Classes.  See schedule for class times. instructor approval and quality sparring gear required to participate in live sparring.

$100 per monthly

3 Month Minimum

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