Sensei Rob Mesce

  • Co-owner and Head Instructor of Scholar Warrior Martial Arts.
  • 5th Degree Black Belt in the American Freestyle Kempo & Kickboxing under Shihan Christian Jensen (founder of American Freestyle Martial Arts)
  • Began training traditional martial arts and self defense in 2001
  • Began Submission Grappling  in 2002 (No-Gi under various instructors) 
  • Began Kick Boxing in 2007
  • Began training in Catch Wrestling under Dan Stittgen (UFC Fighter, King of the Cage veteran) 2012
  • Purple Belt Gi JiuJitsu under Roy Craddock (Black Belt classical JuJitsu since 1988, Brown belt BJJ under Relson Gracie)
  • 4 - 0 record in MMA
  • 2 Fight of the Night Awards
  • 1 Knock Out of the Night Award

"My journey began in 2001 with a desire to remain physical after high school.  I was working full time and going to school but still felt something was missing.  After watching Bruce Lee movies and UFC fights on dvd for a month or so, I decided to give martial arts a try.  I choose a school that taught elements of kung fu, kickboxing, classical jujitsu, and kali.  I remained a member for 12 years before following my friend and mentor Christian Jensen with whom I continue to be inspired by.  In my 15+ years of martial arts training I have had the pleasure of learning from many extremely talented instructors and classmates.  Since 2008 my focus has been on the styles that make up the sport of MMA.  This includes BJJ, boxing, wrestling and muay Thai.  Developing our schools programs into modern times without losing touch with the philosophies of self improvement found in traditional martial arts has been my number one focus for the last 7 years.  Leading by example is also high on my list, so I teach or participate in every single class offered at Scholar Warrior Martial Arts.  This is my passion and my profession.  I love to train and I love to teach."

"My goal is to inspire others through martial arts, I want to show how diligent practice in martial arts and its accompanying lifestyle can change lives like it's done for myself and countless others. " - Sensei Rob Mesce

Rob's teaching philosophy is to combine the best aspects of MMA with the best Traditional and Self Defense techniques that have been handed down.  His focus is on the universal principals of human movement and fighting while having a broad range of techniques for his students to draw from when creating their own personal style.  After all, the Martial Arts is about self expression and while our students learn from the vast collection of techniques, we understand that everyone has different personalities and body types and we actively try to fit our style to you rather than trying to make you fit our style.

As a fighter, Rob Mesce's philosophy is to fight smart with calculated aggression.  Have weapons everywhere and always look to finish whether on the feet or on the floor.  

Mesce is just an all around great fighter and has a good top game as well as a solid ground game.
— Chi-town MMAniacs
Sensei Rob is a wonderful instuctor that helps you learn ... and is very patient with everyone.
— Tyler E